New / Manufactured Pallets

Pallets fall into 2 categories - 2 way entry and 4 way entry.

Pallet dimensions are always specified in Length x Width

Two Way Entry Pallets

These are comprised basically of:
Top deck boards, Bearers and Bottom deck boards.

In simple terms this means that entry into the pallet (ie by a fork lift truck) can be from just 2 different ways.

Four Way Entry Pallets

These are comprised basically of: Top deck boards; Stringers; Blocks; Bottom deck boards.
In simple terms this means that entry into the pallet (i.e. by a fork lift truck) can be from 4 different ways.

Guide to types of 4 way entry Pallets:

~3 Legged Pallet (Similar to a Euro-Pallet) (1)

~Perimeter Based Pallet (2)

~Fully Reversible 4 way entry Pallet (3)

~Perimeter Based Winged Pallet (4)

3 4

It has been proved that a contributory factor of product damage caused is by the use of a pallet which is the incorrect size. Please involve Yorkshire Pallets at an early stage in the handling project.

We understand what specifications will most economically fit your requirements.

Firstly, analyse your requirement carefully and pass the information on to Yorkshire Pallets.

Conduct trials using sample pallets or small quantities that we will supply you with, then build up to larger quantities. Assure acceptance throughout your entire distribution chain.

Please specify the service level you require:
Do you require just in time deliveries? - Next day acceptance is our usual standard.
Do you wish Yorkshire Pallets to hold some pallets on stock for your call off? - Many companies adopt this approach.

Yorkshire Pallets will help you produce a formal written specification with the quality and timber thickness and tolerances for future use. We will detail the pallet dimensions.

The design of the pallet can be modified and improved at any time. It may be that your pallet is over specification and by reducing the thickness of the timber or the number of boards on a pallet will invariably reduce the cost of the pallet.

Design Considerations:
Determine the working load. Remember that if a pallet takes 1 tonne of goods and then you stack them three high then it must take a static load of 3 tonnes.

If you intend to recover and re-use your pallet, invest in a good quality specification that will stand re-use. This will minimise repair costs. A well designed pallet can complete up to 20 trips.

Please bear in mind Yorkshire Pallets are experienced pallet repairers. (Click here to view repair section)
We have many contracts whereby we collect pallets, repair them and then return them to the customer.
The proper repair of a pallet back to its original specification extends the pallets serviceable life, consequently, adding a greater saving to your company.

Analyse your package/carton size, type and weight distribution. Specify the method of securing the load-Shrink wrap; Strapping.
How will the pallets be handled?
Is a three legged pallet more appropriate?
Is a 2 way entry pallet more suitable than a 4 way entry? - As a rule of thumb: 2 way entry pallets are usually cheaper than their 4 way equivalent. Please specify any dimensions of racking systems that will be used.
How many top boards are required on the pallet? - If the product is flat (ie steel sheets), then a minimal number of top boards may be sufficient.
Does the pallet require any markings?
Where is the pallets final destination?
Does it require to be treated to meet import standards? (Click here to see Export /Heat Treated section).


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