Used/Reconditioned Pallets

Secondhand/Reconditioned Pallets:
We are constantly looking for any pallets that you no longer have use for, especially the standard sized 40"x48" (1200x1000) Pallets, Stamped Euro/Euro Sized (1200x800) Pallets and also any square pallets. We will offer you a good price and we will clear ALL the pallets from your site. We will not just pick the valuable ones out. We will pay either cash or cheque upon collection. We can collect, hand sort these at our yard, then supply you with a detailed breakdown of the pallets.

Consequently, we hold a large stock of standard sized reconditioned wooden pallets.

These are all in either two or four way.

The Main Sizes are:
The Standard 40" x 48" Pallet (1000mm x 1200mm)
This is available in many forms again either two way or four way.
The four way pallet comes in many forms. This can be as a light weight "one trip" pallet; a winged pallet; a 3 legged pallet; as well as the standard perimeter based food/industrial use pallet.

The Stamped Euro and Unbranded Euro type pallet (1200mm x 800mm)

Other Sizes available are:~

(Imperial)   (Metric)
40" x 40"
43" x 43"
45" x 45"
48" x 48"
52" x 42"
60" x 40"
60" x 48" (5' x 4')
  1000mm x 1000mm
1100mm x 1100mm
1145mm x 1145mm
1200mm x 1200mm
1300mm x 1100mm
1500mm x 1000mm
1500mm x 1200mm

Repair Service:

To reduce the cost of your company continually purchasing new and used wooden pallets, Yorkshire Pallets offer a competitive priced repair service.

We collect the damaged pallets from your site, repair the pallets back to their original specification and return them to you.
Please bear in mind Yorkshire Pallets are experienced pallet repairers. We have many contracts with customers who require the repair of a pallet back to its original specification. This extends the pallets serviceable life, consequently, making a greater saving to your company.


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